Hi! I’m Amber – blog creator and design consultant of Blessed Little Bungalow. I’m a South Carolinian turned Georgian, Texan and now Californian, that faithfully decided to create something new.

I wholeheartedly believe that you should love where you live, and loving your home shouldn’t require spending a fortune! Affordable and aesthetically pleasing home décor is well within reach, you just have to look in the right places with the right eye. Not coming from much, I was brought up always shopping on a budget. I’ve been a design-on-a-dime decorator for myself and loved ones for years, and after purchasing my second home affectionately known as my Blessed Little Bungalow, I decided to share my interior design journey, DIY adventures, decorating advice and services with the masses. I’d like to say I have an untraditional approach to designing spaces as I want it to be an authentic and easy conversation as well as a refreshing and collaborative experience.

Your home is your most personal of spaces. It should be comfortable and fulfilling. It should excite and inspire you upon every departure and return. Your home is a reflection of you and your place in this world. Let me help you make it one that you love.